For over 40 years, Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium have an extensive history and an excellent reputation serving the Australian commercial building industry supplying high-quality custom-designed, fully fabricated glass and aluminium products. 

We offer a specialised range of services, including:
* Customer consultation and on-site inspection.
* Designs incorporating current trends and materials to meet individual project requirements.  
* Application innovative digital technologies are available to customise designs.
* Traditional and Heritage project consultation.
* Professional Installation.
* Stringent quality control.
* Project Time Management.
* Site Clean-Up.
* Responsible waste recycling and disposal.

Our pricing is highly competitive, and we welcome the opportunity to consult, quote and undertake your next project.


Your project is designed and manufactured at our dedicated site located in Newcastle. Our team comprises of professionally qualified experienced staff. We oversee high-quality manufacturing control so that the finished product is a superior quality compared to the equivalent on the market.
Vetro AGA is an Australian company committed to excellence with on-going staff training and development, ensuring our products and designs incorporate the latest materials and technology.
At Vetro, we make sure that our high standards are implemented throughout the entire process of your project guaranteeing great customer satisfaction.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Commercial Shopfronts

Shopfronts are a core component of our business. Your business must stand out in today's highly competitive commercial climate, with the design and fit-out reflecting the uniqueness of your brand. Vetro is determined to aid your success by building cost-effective and visually striking shop-fronts giving you that necessary edge in your retail industry. A well- designed and fitted shopfront gives your business maximum commercial exposure and the added advantage of giving your customers a great retail experience. Our team at Vetro will guide you to create a shop-front that is visually aesthetic, functional, modern, secure, well-constructed and low-maintenance to create professional and commercial premises conducive to seeing your business thrive. At Vetro, we also work closely with your nominated Architects and Designers to manufacture existing plans.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Commercial Automatic Sliding Door Units

Automated sliding door units are manufactured out of high-quality aluminium and glass, which are now an essential requirement for some commercial projects. Our sliding door system is specifically designed for commercial use, ensuring convenience and safety for your clients. Automatic sliding doors Units made by Vetro are fitted to meet Australian safety standards and structural building specifications. Doors are manufactured in our factory, delivered and installed by our trained onsite team.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Commercial Doors

Commercial Aluminium (internal or external) doors are a core part of our business which are specifically manufactured to the required sizes and design. Glazing can be laminated or toughened glass to meet Australian Standard AS1288 code. Various types of locking devices are available to the design requirements. Doors can be mounted on heavy-duty hinges either with or without on-face closures alternatively, double-action concealed pivot closures installed either to the overhead transom or into the concealed pivot floor-spring closure. Commercial toughened glass frameless doors are also available.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Bi-Folding Aluminium Doors

Bi-Fold Doors are a modern and practical system with the purpose of integrating indoor and outdoor areas. this system allows areas to be opened to gain unobstructed views and natural light while ensuring your space is protected from the elements. Bi-Fold door systems are constructed out of aluminium, which is lightweight, strong, and will not warp as opposed to timber or other inferior materials. There are a variety of high tensile hinges, optional tracking and locking systems to choose from to suit all variances and configurations of folding doors suitable for your project.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Sliding & Stacker Doors

Sliding and Stacker Doors are the perfect solution for wide entrances of for the need for a wall-to-wall enclosure. This unique system allows an area to be opened up when requiring a larger space or taking advantage of an uninterrupted view. This system is manufactured to the same high-quality specifications as our folding aluminium doors.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

After-Hour Pay Windows

Vetro has designed an exterior security pay window system which is now widely used to allow payments for after-hour transactions. These windows are installed predominantly in Service stations to allow cash and credit card transactions. Our windows are fabricated to specifications with hoppers below the window so that staff can transfer purchased items to their customers. These windows are designed from bandit laminated glass for high-security requirements and made to Australian codes and specification.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Glass Balustrades

Custom-built Glass Balustrades are visually pleasing, relatively inexpensive low maintenance barriers compared to traditional wood, steel and concrete alternatives. Our balustrades are engineered to provide reliable safety barriers and windbreaks around balconies, verandahs, swimming pools, spas and staircases while maintaining a spacious or open appearance. Balustrades are available in three styles - frameless, semi-frameless and fully framed and are all secured with modern engineered high tensile fittings.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Internal Glass Partitions

A dramatic ambience is created when the beauty of natural light filters through glass partitions. Partitions allow flexibility when there is a requirement to alter this size or enclose are particular space. Our engineered walls have previously been installed for various applications to provide a unique aesthetic in shop fit-outs, restaurants, schools, banks, open lobbies for corporate buildings and office spaces. Glass walls are manufactured with either transparent or additional architectural finishes with optional mounting and framing solutions.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Aluminium Louvres

Louvres are a versatile solution for windows, screens, and doors. They serve as a practical and inexpensive alternative to fixed closed windows allowing a balance of daylight and protection from the elements as well as providing fresh air ventilation. Louvres eliminate the need for excessive use of air-conditioning, unwanted heat or noxious smoke with the added advantage of reducing energy costs. Freestanding Louvre panels are available and built with as an effective screen for privacy or in outdoor areas requiring access but a visual block. Louvres are manufactured with toughened glass or aluminium blades.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Glass Canopies and Awnings. 

Ultra-modern contemporary styled glass canopies are a sophisticated addition to define the entrance to a building. Unlike traditional awning systems, they protect from the elements while allowing the filtration of natural light. Built from the thickest toughened and laminated glass attached to high load engineered patch fittings, our glass canopies are designed to span large areas and will withstand the toughest weather conditions. Canopies and awnings are strictly manufactured to meet all Australian Standard engineering requirements guaranteeing a high degree of safety, low maintenance and an aesthetically pleasing addition in areas requiring expansive covering with the beauty of experiencing natural light.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks provide a seamless, relatively inexpensive modern, clean, low maintenance solution to wet areas in kitchens, bathrooms, indoor and outdoor alfresco dining areas. Glass is available in many colours and textured finishes and fully sealed. A Glass splashback completes your kitchen area or can be installed to reduce water spillage in wet areas.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Glass Staircases

Our uniquely engineered glass staircases add a focal point to any multi-story building. Staircases are designed and built for maximum strength with non-slip surface features, Glass staircases are low maintenance, easy to clean, and withstand high usage, functional and individually designed to add a refreshing modern addition to any building. Our glass staircases are an aesthetic addition in small areas or can be built as a statement feature in a corporate building. Glass Staircases are specifically designed to meet Australian standards.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens are increasingly popular in large bathrooms, smaller ensuites, serving to open the bathroom while preventing unnecessary water spillage. A frameless shower screen is manufactured from a regulation quality toughened safety glass and are designed to last for many years of high usage. Our frameless screens are easy to clean and to give your bathroom a feeling of tasteful modern sophistication.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium

Architectural Glass

Architectural Glass is a modern, low maintenance artistic addition giving your commercial space a dramatic entrance or area while defining your business or brand. These features are custom built and can be incorporated with designer art, lighting, plants or a stunning water feature making your commercial space and brand visually eyecatching.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium understand the significant time and investment when designing, planning and undertaking a construction project. We are committed to upholding highest industry standards using current technologies to build superior products installed by our experienced and qualified team. We endeavour to meet your expectations with our commitment to you of professional excellence. Vetro services and supplies Australia wide as we are fully licenced to operate in NSW and QLD. (Other states by approval). We welcome all enquiries and look forward to consulting with you over your next building project. Please contact Dale Talarico or email us to make an appointment.

Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium Vetro Architectural Glass and Aluminium