Commercial Shopfronts

Being one of our top selling products, we offer both experience & perfection in the supply & installation of our commercial aluminium shopfronts.

Here at Vetro, we have the extrusion to complete your project, whether it be for single or double glazed commercial application. Hinged or sliding doors are added to complete the shopfront design. Our framing systems can be front glazed, center glazed or double glazed at a size of 76mm, 102mm or 150mm dependent upon the engineering requirements of your project. Your choice of glass can then be added to create a modern professional look.

Commercial Automatic Sliding Door Units

Automatic door systems need to take many factors into account. Depending on the type of building and environment, comfort, convenience, safety, security and design all determine the day-to-day suitability of the door system concerned.

Our automatic door operators are sourced from a very well know & reputable supplier, whilst our installation team are highly skilled & well equipped to complete the installation of the automatic unit.

Commercial Doors

High quality aluminium doors are an essential component in most projects. We provide a comprehensive range of models with the flexibility to fit within building control systems. We ensure that the entrance doors we supply will give you control over traffic flow in and out of your building, and our team is on hand to ensure your project requirements are met.

Bi-folding Aluminium Doors

Bi-fold doors are a modern and practical way to extend your entertaining area and bring the outside in. If achieving an unobstructed view of the outside and letting in plenty of natural light while ensuring you’re protected from the elements is what you are after, you have come to the right place.

Here at Vetro, we have a wide range of bi-fold doors available in various sizes and configurations. You are sure to find the one that suits your space and requirements.

Sliding & Stacker Doors

Sliding and stacker doors have become the mainstay of many modern buildings. They are a great solution for wide entrances and wall to wall doors. If you have a view or area you wish to take full advantage of, these solutions may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Commercial Windows

Whether specifying a refurbishment or a new build project, the windows are often the main consideration in terms of both budget and aesthetics.

Vetro specialise in the manufacture and installation of high grade aluminium window systems. We provide a specialised fabrication & installation team to meet your commercial project requirements.

Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades are safety barriers and windbreaks, commonly found acting as a barrier on or around balconies, verandas, pools, spas & staircases. Glass balustrades are an alternative to traditional forms of balustrade such as wood, steel and concrete. They can be either fully framed, semi frameless or frameless.

Internal Glass Partitions

Combining the drama and beauty of glass with the functionality of operable partitions, our interior glass walls and partitions allow natural light to flood an internal area while providing space flexibility. Found in retail shopfronts, restaurants, schools, bank lobbies, government buildings and office spaces, our range of glass partition walls can be engineered and designed to fulfil the specifications and requirements of any interior space.

Aluminium Louvres

Louvres can be introduced into windows, screens & doors to offer ventilation combined with weather protection. They enable the ventilation of heat, smoke or stale air emissions from areas of a building. They can also be installed as freestanding units to offer privacy with a modern appearance.

Glass Canopies

Glass canopies are an attractive & practical feature to a building’s exterior, providing protection whilst still allowing the flow of natural light into the entrance area, giving it a contemporary sleek look.

Our canopies are made with thick toughened glass which is machined to allow the addition of stainless-steel patch fittings.

Glass Splashbacks

Our splashbacks are designed to your specific requirements & can be manufactured in a wide variety of colours & cut out configurations. Our onsite measure team will ensure your splashback fits your area perfectly while our specialised installation team provide you with a professional sophisticated appearance.

Glass Staircases

Let light flood into dark halls & rooms. Breathe life into enclosed spaces by giving a modern twist to your space. Glass is the ideal material to give your staircase & hallway the perfect lift as it graces any space to create a modern, transparent focal point to your multistorey building.

Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens are a growing trend in bathroom fashion due to their aesthetic superiority.

They have the ability to open up smaller bathrooms & en-suites & provide a modern sophisticated look.

Architectural Glass

We also offer a large range of architectural glass products so should you require something a little more unique or outside the box, our design & install team can make your dream a reality.

Some of these products include glass lifts, glass water features, glass walkways, glass dance floors & even glass urinals.